Welcome to PT. Indo Lautan Mas

PT. Indo Lautan Mas is one of the leading fish company in Indonesia. We sell various seafoods which have undergone primary processing such as cleaning and blast freezing. Our product portfolio consists of more than 100 different products of frozen seafood. To ensure our products are of the highest quality, we have adopted good practices in quality control that comply to international standards.

We operate a streamlined supply chain which includes processing plants and warehouse facilities located in Bitung, North Sulawesi and Jakarta. Currently, we deliver mainly frozen fish products to serve customers in the local domestic market as well as abroad to countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan.


Quality Control

Why Choose Us?

Fish Processing Plant


Our main processing plant is located in Bitung, North Sulawesi. It is strategically located close to the surrounding harbors, with easy road access to the nearby ports. This allows us to be able to receive fresh shipments of fish as soon as the boats dock. With this in mind, fisheries from other districts such as Gorontalo, Ternate and Papua are also accessible to us allowing for a larger network of supply. Out plant layout has been built with flexibility in mind, allowing the expansion of multiple processing lines if required. This allows us to be prepared for the shift in demand output as required.

Plant Specification

Below are some specifications of our processing capabilities.


  • Built Size Area of Processing Plant: 4,000 m²

  • Size of Preparation Room: 1,056 m²

  • Number of Cold Storage Rooms: 2 units

  • Total Capacity of Cold Storage Rooms: 2,000 tonnes

  • Number of Blast Freezers: 15 units

  • Total Capacity of Blast Freezers: 100.5 tonnes

  • Maximum processing capability per day: 100 tonnes

Distribution Warehouse

We owns two distribution centers which is located in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. The largest of our distribution hub is located in the Muara Karang District. It handles all overseas orders as well as larger local distributors. The total cold storage capability of this warehouse is 3,000 tonnes.

And another smaller distribution center is located in the Muara Baru District to serve our local clients due to its ability to cater for smaller distributors. The Total cold storage capacity in the Muara Baru District is 1,000 tonnes.

The warehouse was built with the focus of storing frozen seafood products. Using the latest technology in warehouse storage systems, we have implemented an automated pallet delivery system to ensure that we are able to receive and dispatch orders with minimal time and effort.