Founded in 2012, PT. Indo Lautan Mas was established due to the high demand for sustainable local fishes from the surrounding rich waters of Indonesia. We operate a streamlined supply chain which includes processing plants and warehouse facilities located in Bitung, North Sulawesi and Jakarta. We deliver mainly frozen fish products to serve customers in the local domestic market as well as abroad to countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

PT. Indo Lautan Mas have more than 100 suppliers of raw seafood, mainly from operators of fishing vessels. Each of our sources have a prearranged framework agreement in order to provide us with a strong sourcing base, giving us priority rights regarding the quantity and ability to purchase at a competitive market price. Today, our processing facility has an aggregate annual output capacity of more than 35,000 tonnes per annum.

The customers of PT. Indo Lautan Mas are mainly distributors, based locally in Indonesia as well as overseas. We have one of the largest seafood distribution centers located in Indonesia‘s capital, Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. This makes our supply chain one of the most reliable as we are able to serve our customers through the main port here no matter where they are located.

Vision & Strategy

  • Expanding our distribution network throughout the work and further strengthen our market presences globally.
  • Enhance our brand image and recognition.
  • Increase our production and processing capacity and ability.
  • Increase our cold storage capacity.
  • To further increase our product range to our ever expanding portfolio.
  • Expanding our supply base by contrating new suppliers and intensifying cooperating with existing suppliers.
  • Continue on emphasizing research and product development and strengthen our expertise and technical capability.
  • Continue to provide our customers with best quality products using international standards.
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Certification & Sustainability

We at PT. Indo Lautan Mas strive to achieve the highest quality possible for all our products in order to strengthen our brand image. We have ensured all our processes are certified to international standards which includes the qualification of HACCP. To ensure the promise to our customers, PT. Indo Lautan Mas is independently audited by reputable authoritative bodies.

PT. Indo Lautan Mas also realizes the importance of maintaining our food source from local waters. As a result we put the issue of sustainability as one of our primary focus. We do not support the issue of over fishing using unsustainable methods. We are continuously working with local suppliers to ensure that this philosophy is adopted to ensure the future of generations to come.